The talkative tag

Eclectic Contrarian created a talkative tag to thank those who have participated and been involved in his blog. Following his example, I have been tagged by:

Tales from the mind of Kristian ,

And then, Theresarly520 of Cultural Shocks also tagged me for the talkative tag.

So did Christy of Miraculous Smile !

Seems that I am very talkative person!

So what I understood from these tags is that you bring up the screen where you can see who has been commenting on your blog and mention the people who have commented the most.

I am grateful to all my readers who like comment and engage with me on my blog.

Special mention to the following good people of WordPress blogging world. You guys are my heroes! Thanks for visiting and taking interest in my writing. Mentoring me, giving me encouragement and advice. With a lot of thanks, I am passing the tag to these fascinating people who are great bloggers:

1. Winnie of Musings

Winnie is the sweetest. She is always full of encouraging words. Her poetry is moving and heartfelt. Check out her blog. It’s amazing.

2.Dr Tanya of SaltedCaramel

Dr Tanya, has been a rock for me. She is an excellent writer of all things related to health, cooking, organizing and books. In short you can read about a lot of topics on her blog. Have a look and you will find a wealth of information.

3.Punum of Paeansunplugged

Punum is a passionate blogger.She writes about serious subjects. You must visit her blog and read her amazing poetry.

4. Fandango

What can I say about Fandango! He is a great writer. He is also the inventor of The Fandango One Word Challenge. We all look up to him and wait for his prompts. You also should check out hid new series of questions; FPQ!

5. Warren Richards

Warren writes about his love; The love he has for his Creator. He writes in verse and that shows his powerful and strong love for God. Check out his blog to renew your faith in all things good.

6. A Guy called Bloke

Rory, of a guy called Bloke is an amazing blogger too. He is poet, a writer and the mainstay behind lots of fun activities going on in the blogosphere.

Hope that you can follow the tag.


21 thoughts on “The talkative tag

  1. Thank you so much for including me in this tag.

    Thanks also for the generous profile you wrote of me.

    This is a great idea. I will pass the baton onward
    It’s lovely how the blogging community teaches us to promote each other.
    I am so glad we discovered it.
    It’s a wonderful place to be.


  2. I’ve blogged on WP since August but didn’t comment much. I noticed when I did start commenting, my followers grew exponentially. I’m glad you posted on this subject. Thank you for sharing. – B

    Liked by 2 people

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