Great Expectations

This post isn’t about the Charles Dickens book, The Great Expectations.

It is about our expectations in life.

If I want to keep this post short, then this quote basically says it all! When we impose our version of how things should be on others, we form expectations. And people will not fulfill these expectations because in most cases they aren’t aware of them and usually have no desire to do so. This causes us to be disappointed, we blame others for failing to do something which we expect of them.

That should be our mantra. If we have zero expectations then anything that another person does for us becomes a source of happiness and engenders appreciation. We mostly think that family, friends, life partners and children should be doing what we presume to be their obligation. And when this doesn’t happen, we get into a negative and complaining mode, instead of realizing that the idea in the first place was an imposition on the other person. This also takes away the gratefulness and appreciation from our hearts, filling them with discontent.

And when we let go of all that we think should happen we are free to appreciate and enjoy what does happen. Life is a series of events, some expected and many more totally unexpected. We have to learn to take the good with the not so good/ downright bad and the happy with sad and unhappy.

And lastly don’t let what people think of you be your image. The reverse side of expectations is trying to live up to them. Nobody can fulfill another person’s expectations to the tee. We have to set our own standard of success and not influenced by what the world sees as success. Set you goals and work towards them.

Let me know what you think on this topic.

Waiting for your feedback and comments




22 thoughts on “Great Expectations

  1. I try not to have high expectations, I’ve just been disappointed too many times in the past. My psychiatrist is always trying to get me to be more positive and optimistic, but that isn’t easy when you fear being let down.

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