A big Thank you to you lovely people( and a little pat on the back!)

Yes! You guessed it. 300+ follows. WordPress doesn’t acknowledge getting 300 follows on the blog, so I decided to do it myself. Not (only) because I am proud of my blog for getting this level of attention but to show my gratitude to all these wonderful people for following my blog and encouraging me in my writing.

So it seems that I have written more than 100 posts. I need to thank the wonderful people for mentoring me and for providing us with daily inspiration for writing. of this that and the other, Teresa of , The Haunted Wordsmith and Ragtag community. The lovely Hélène for the weekly picture prompt, What do you see. And many others who inspire us and give us thought provoking prompts. Specially Rory, of a Guy called Bloke and K9 Doodlepips.He has initiated many writing tags, quotes and questions to engage us all in a community spirit.

I have had more than 2500 visitors to my blog, with around 8500 views.

My blog was nominated for 4 Sunshine Bloggers Awards and 2 Liebster awards. I am humbled and overwhelmed by this love and encouragement shown to me.

I have to thank the kind people and friends here in this new world of blogging for all this love shown to my blog!





93 thoughts on “A big Thank you to you lovely people( and a little pat on the back!)

  1. Congratulations! For someone who has been blogging for less than three months, your numbers are extraordinary. I believe your success comes from not only the content of your posts, but from your interactions with other bloggers. I appreciate how you read and comment on most of my posts, and your comments show that you’ve put thought into them and demonstrate a genuine interest in what you’ve read. Keep it up, or maybe I should say β€œKeep It Alive.”

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