I am waiting for…. the prompt

We get daily prompts, some from here and some from there

It’s not mandatory to write for each, and usually we can’t

Address all of them in a single day with care that they deserve

For someone is thinking hard and careful to give us words

Words that fire up our imagination and wake up the inspiration

The thoughts and wonderings, leave a trail following which

We find words to express our thoughts and put words on paper

But not always, we can’t do so and need all the help we can get

‘Cause sometimes our muse abandons us, leaves us in dark

Searching and racking our brain to come up with an idea

A madness takes over to meet the deadlines and submit

The creations our mind spins out and wants to win the approval

And bring a smile or a tear to the readers or maybe

Brighten their day a bit or put them on a thinking mode

So a big thanks to all those who give a lot of thought to find

The perfect prompt for the day!

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Your daily word prompt;


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Waiting for your feedback and comments.


27 thoughts on “I am waiting for…. the prompt

  1. โ€œSo a big thanks to all those who give a lot of thought to find the perfect prompt for the day!โ€

    Youโ€™re very welcome. And thanks to you and all of the others who take our prompts and demonstrate such creativity, imagination, and skill.

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