Sprinkle not!

What are the odds? Your fries have received a heavy sprinkle of salt when they come out of the fries. So is this a bad thing?

The recommendations of AHA, ( American Heart Association) is to take around 1500 mg of salt, which measured in teaspoons is three fourth of a teaspoon or 3.73 grams. The maximum limit should not exceed  3600 mg which is 6 grams of salt, makes one teaspoon.

Why should be monitor our salt intake?

To put it simply, too much or too less salt, or its main component, Sodium can interfere with the electrical conducting system of the body. Excess usage of it can increase blood pressure too. An extremely low intake can play havoc and cause a malfunction in the cardiovascular system and the muscular system.

So , as the doctors recommended, stop sprinkling salt on your veggies, salads and fruits.

Eat healthy, to remain healthy!

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22 thoughts on “Sprinkle not!

  1. Salt is vital and the intake should go up as many people now drink water that is bottled and hence is not mineral water (unless it is Evian and the like). That bottled water has no minerals and it means it goes straight through the body actually not hydrating at all. Salt is key to enable nerve communication, blood flow and nerve to muscle orders (I am simplifying). Follow what your body tells you. If you feel you need salt, take some. and if you take in excess your body will also tell you because of thirst. So just use common sense.

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