There was a homeless man laying down on a dirty tattered blanket. The shop was closed for the night and the man had made himself a tiny shelter in the enclosure of the entrance. He appeared to be sunk in the oblivion of sleep. There were a couple of bags containing clothes and all his worldly belongings, next to him.

people were passing by on the street, oblivious of his presence. Even if someone saw him, it was a disinterested glance. He wasn’t deserving of their time or thoughts.

Why so apathetic?

Written for:

Word of the day challenge



22 thoughts on “Oblivion

          1. Yes! It’s a great start. I wish the government will do more for them. They have the resources. It’s not enough for us ordinary individuals to help them. My friends and I did some Outreach ministry once but it’s only temporary for these homeless.

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