From the corner of my eye

My eyes are looking ahead. But I can see a glimpse of something from the corner of my eyes.

What is that I can espy in my peripheral vision, is it real or false. Actual life or a distortion of the picture?

Is it the 360 degrees view or something that I need not focus on?

Or is it the important reality that I need to turn my head and look straight on?

There is a movement I can detect, a motion that I sense occurring, but not really looking at it, I cannot say

My view is partial, the canvas is incomplete so should I step back and look at the bigger picture


Can I

Evaluate the facts

If I don’t turn and face them squarely

It’s a need, a requirement

If I want to have a full panorama, I have to look all around me and see what I can barely detect from the corner of my eyes !

What do you see in your periphery?

Do you think it is important to see the full picture?

Please share your feedback and views in the comments


19 thoughts on “From the corner of my eye

  1. Definitely important to see the full picture. Being aware and conscious lets us see more of what surrounds. It also allows for us to connect with what is within us, those spaces we tend to hide, put to the side, avoid looking at. Without a full picture whether outside and around us or deep within our self, we are missing pieces of the real person that we are, missing what really is the world around us.

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  2. Sometimes it’s good not having the full picture in life. That’s what God is for. We have heard this many times, but He doesn’t give us more than we can handle. But we, as frail humans, should aspire to see the fullest picture possible though. Does that make sense? 😀🌸

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  3. We all live different life’s, some in light, others in shadows. Some see the resurrected Christ on the cross his arms stretched to embrace the world, and others see the suffering Christ dying on the cross in agony. Some take drugs to enhance their vision of life thinking they are becoming more alive and others take drugs to forget the pain of life. I am often conflicted as to whether I should embrace the world or retreat from it to my own little hideaway. I usually do both. I really love this post Sadje, very thought provoking.

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  4. Very well written! So many times we don’t see the whole picture! Sometimes we are too close to a situation to see the whole picture, we need to step back. Like if you hold a paper right up very close to your face its blurry, but when you step back you can see the whole paper a lot more clearly.

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