This was the first medical thriller that I read by Robin Cook. At that time I was In med school so it was fascinating to read about the workings in the world of medicine. It was a work of fiction but there were undertones of reality in it. Cook, himself a doctor, described the ups and downs of the medical profession very creditably . An existing and absorbing story of patient manipulation combined with a good dose of suspense made this a great read. The patients undergoing surgery never wake up, ending in a coma. Later under the guise of long term patient management, an institute takes responsibility for their care. These comatose people are looked after in a way as to maintain the best bodily health, and their organs are used illegally and without consent for sale to desperate people who would pay anything to get them.

He addressed the very relevant and pressing issue of illegal organ transplants. I remember that there was a big furor about people selling their kidneys for money in poor and overly populated countries like India and China.

I loved his subsequent books too, but I think that this was his best.

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