Respecting others is respecting oneself.

And respecting yourself is respecting others!

Times are changing. The expectations from younger generation to show respect to older people has started to fade away. One human being, showing respect to another, who is a colleague, a senior or junior to him/her is a phenomenon which no longer is in practice? Or are these all isolated incidents with no Co-relation to actual life?

What sort of behavior we expect from people around us. Do we hold them to the same standards which we practice ourselves? And what are our standards? Do we really know how we will react in any given situation? And do we know how to answer these questions?

Well that was a bushel load of questions! And where to look for the answers?

How do we respect ourselves;

This would be the first step. A healthy respect for our own selves, tempered by a dose of critical review of our habits and attitudes is good. Self adoration and whitewashing our negative personality traits is not recommended. So our respect for what and who we are has to be based on reality, not on an allusion.

It follows the same principle as loving or liking our own personality. If we don’t like, love or respect ourselves than how can we expect others to do so?

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Respecting others;

Having developed a healthy relationship of respect with ourselves, we now move to the reason for giving considerations to those around us.

A human being is the best creation of God. All human deserve to be shown courtesy. All are equal and have to be treated as such. There is more regard shown to those whom we acknowledge to be superior to us due to their age or experience. But worldly things like wealth, position or power do not entitle people for extra consideration as most of them seem to think.

How do we interpret this in everyday life;

First of all we define our own standards of behavior. All of us admit that giving respect is a way to receive it. A person with good values is seen as someone to be honored and venerated. That is what we teach to our kids and the young ones, because kids learn more from seeing than listening. Taking it from this point, we show our regard and esteem for others and they will do the same.

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That is how I see this issue. How do you look at it? 

Please share your views and feedback in comments


20 thoughts on “Respecting others is respecting oneself.

  1. I read this the other day, but I don’t remember where, so I’m paraphrasing:

    Some people use respect to mean “treating someone like a person” and some people use respect to mean “treating someone as a person of authority”. So what happens is that people who are used to being treated like a person of authority will say: “If you do not respect me, then I won’t respect you” and what they mean is “If you won’t treat me as a person of authority, then I will not treat you like a person.” And they think they’re being fair, but they are not.

    Respecting our elders meant treating them as people of authority because they had lived longer than we have and “should” have been wiser than us. But this isn’t always the case, especially now in the days of modern medicine, we have more and more people living longer lives than before. Just about anyone can live to the ripe old age of 80, 90, or even 100. It’s not as rare as it used to be. We can respect them as people, but not as persons of authority. My humble opinion.

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  2. Agree, and it can be frustrating because while I’m always trying to work on myself and be a better person while still looking out for myself too, I find that many others are in a place of pure selfishness, so every interaction is unbalanced. I give and they take… and that’s all. Sometimes the right thing is to end the friendship unfortunately.

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