Daily writing challenge Nov 25

The storm

It was the perfect storm

A raging fury of wind and sea

A sudden darkness descended

The skies were black and grey

How high were the crashing waves

Nobody could see into their depths

It wrecked havoc on the small boats

Tossing them like straw in the sea

The sailors clinging by fingertips

Hanging on for dear life

The majestic waves crashing

From great heights to down below

Who will survive this upheaval

Written for: Daily writing challenge;

Depth, Fury, Darkness




18 thoughts on “Daily writing challenge Nov 25

  1. You have painted the image of a storm perfectly .
    And in the end you said “Who will survive this upheaval” does not only refer to the storm that nature has but the kind of storm that we have inside our hearts..

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  2. i am really enjoying seeing your writing develop, from factual posts, to fiction and some poetry too, you are really blooming! But I am finding it hard to keep up with your excitement! Do know that I read every post though I don’t stop to comment, your words have deep meaning to me. Well done and keep writing!!

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