The ceremony

“Ladies and Gentlemen”, the speaker looked nervous and her voice sounded a bit squeaky and breathless. “I want you all to give a big hand to our young performer, Wendy”. “She will be singing her very first song on stage today and needs all your attention and encouragement “.

A round of applause was given to the young lady who came up to the mike.

She was about five or six. So cute to look at. A bit shyly she came up to the mike and started with her song. Her baby voice was so sweet, a melody to the ears of the audience. As she finished there was an overwhelming applause and Wendy’s face was flushed with happiness.

The music teacher was telling her parents afterwards with unbridled pride, your daughter has a huge talent. She will become a great singer in future ,when her voice matures.

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unbridled, song, future



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