Night time visitor

A loud crash was heard downstairs. Or maybe it was outside in the back alley. She couldn’t tell. But her heart was beating very fast. The adrenaline rush. Probably fright more than flight.

She turned on the light, slipped on her robe and started towards the door. But turned back immediately to pick her phone by the night stand. She may need to call 911 in an emergency !

As she stepped out of her bedroom, the silence was broken again, this time by a low throaty growl. And beads of sweat appeared on her forehead. What was it? Perhaps it’s better to call the police instead of investigating herself?

Just on the verge of dialing 911, her hand stilled. There was it! A purring sound was heard. And the cat’s eyes were shining, reflecting the phone light back at her as it climbed the stairs.

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13 thoughts on “Night time visitor

  1. If that were a horror movie, she would immediately meet her demise. ^_^ Also, “nightly” means something that happens every night. I think you meant “night time visitor”

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