The clouds are gathering on the horizon

But the seas appeared calm

The storm may be impending

But let’s enjoy the peace for now

Why do we need to take on the stress

The trouble that may never come

Think up all the dire things that

May or may never happen ever

Life has a plan and will of its own

Our fretting and worrying won’t change

What is going to come and be

Put your concerns under the pillow

Give a rest to your imagination

Still the apprehension in the troubled heart

Sleep the sleep of content and

Dream of happy times and fulfillment

There may be clouds gathering

But the seas are calm for now

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21 thoughts on “Horizon

  1. This picture is so beautiful and great poem. So many times we ruin the peaceful moments by worrying about what may or may not happen.
    Thanks for the reminder to enjoy the peace for now, even if storm clouds are gathering!

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