A memento

It was a quaint little shop. People were browsing through the wares on display. Tiny bells, wind chimes and cute ornaments for indoor or outdoor decorations were all there.

A man entered the shop and set the bell on the door jiggling violently. Some of the shoppers look to see the cause of this commotion. He was dressed haphazardly and his clothes smell of stale smoke and sweat. A girl standing in his way, stepped back instinctively as he approached. Sir, may I help you with something, asked the polite but weary salesman, Fred. He thought that the man was of dubious character and wanted to keep an eye on him.

“No, thanks. I am just looking” said the man. But the salesman kept following him through the shop albeit at a discreet distance. The man stopped near a wind chime display, and touching an elegant arrangement of tiny metal bells asked its price. Fred told him, not bothering to hide his expression of disbelief, for he was sure that this guy couldn’t afford something which would cost fifty dollars. He was startled to hear the man asking the chimes to be wrapped for him. “How are you going to pay for this?” he blurted out. “I mean is it card or cash?”He hastily corrected himself. “I will pay cash said the man” producing crumpled bills from his coat pocket.

Fred was curious now. How can this man who looked liked he hadn’t changed his clothes in a week or for that matter had bathed, could have that much money to spare for something which is just ornamental!

His expression might have given the man an idea of what was passing through the salesman’s mind and he offered an explanation which removed any doubt Fred might have had.

“You see sir, I had a garden where we had something like this hanging. Whenever the wind blew, a very musical chiming could be heard even in the house. My wife died and then I lost the house too. Now I live in a homeless shelter. There is a park near our shelter so when I got really lonely and missed my old life, I decided to earn and save enough money to buy something like these chimes to hang from a tree in the park to easy my loneliness.

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