“So Doctor, what do you recommend? “

The question was put to him by the father, a worried frown on his face. A set of expectant eyes were trained on his face. The rest of the family were waiting outside the consulting room.

Micheal , the doctor had his answers but wasn’t sure how the father or for that matter, the patient would take it. His patient was a seventeen years old girl.

“Well, ahem”, he said clearing his throat,”what I would suggest is that you should go for it”. The father blinked, “Are you sure that there is no other way to deal with it?”

“I have consulted with my colleagues and they all agree. This is the only option left to us”.

“You see that your daughter is very young and being so much overweight at this point just leaves us with the option of Gastric Bypass surgery”.

” I just hope that the insurance will cover the cost of this surgery ” muttered the father under his breath. “How many times I had warned her that the junk food she has been eating since she was twelve was not good for her health!”

“But kids! They don’t listen do they?”

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