Fandango’s Provocative Question

What do you think is more useful: intelligence or wisdom, and why to you feel that way?”

So many people now have answered this question that I feel I would only be repeating what others have already said. But anyway here’s my take on this question:


It’s the gift one is born with. Nobody can learn to be intelligent. We can hone it, develop it and acquire knowledge to further the God given gift. Intelligence can also be enhanced by working hard at studies and acquiring skills. Intelligent people usually excel academically , but not always. A intelligent but lazy mind will not do well in academia.


None of are born wise. But having said that, some people, even children are sagacious. But in the usual run of things, as we grow older we become wiser. Some even say that ” going to bed early and getting up early can make a person wise, in addition to endowing him with wealth and health “. It’s a matter of opinion though!

Now to talk about which of these qualities is more useful in life , well that is also dependent upon the circumstances and usage of them. Some intelligent people don’t use their intelligence to do anything useful in life and so is the case of wisdom. A wise can make a wrong decision or take a erroneous step which might have disastrous results on his life.

My conclusion;

If you’re born with intelligence, use it to achieve your goals in life but don’t take it for granted. If you are endowed with wisdom through your life experiences, make it you shining light. Let it guide you and yours to make good judgements in life

Let me know what you think is more important or useful, Intelligence or Wisdom?

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Written for: FPQ

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