The world beyond

He could hear whispers behind the luminous curtain of light. Up an up he climbed, the seemingly dangerous looking stairs. His curiosity was too strong, for him to pay attention to his own safety.

Where am I? Am I dreaming or is it real? Thought were chasing around each other in his mind. But of one thing he was certain. This wasn’t any dream. He will know for sure when he is near that brilliance.

As he extended his hand to touch that curtain it passes through and pulled him into the light. A intensity of light that his eyes could barely tolerate. Then he heard the voice. It was his mother, long dead now. Beckoning him to come, to join her in the brilliant light. To leave his problems and worries behind.

Oh he was so tempted. And he almost did move to join her, but something was pulling him back. There came to his mind the picture of his young wife and the little baby girl they had just six months ago. Closing his eyes, he pulled his mind back. Back to his family, alive and waiting for him.

In the OR there went a sigh of relief as the heartbeat of the injured man on operating table revived. It’s okay now, said the surgeon. He will live.

Written for the Challenge: What do you see

By Hélène


19 thoughts on “The world beyond

  1. Incredibly moving story Sadje. A Near Death Experience, so close to one I have experienced, not in the same scenario, but definitely a Near Death Experience. Thank you.

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