Jewel Thief

Ricky was now twelve. On his birthday, just last week he got something he had wanted very badly. His own binoculars! Today he was going to explore the nearby trees for birds. He had read all about bird watching and wanted to find rare bird and observe them.

So after completing his homework, he went into the attic. It was on the top of the house and overlooked the trees at the back of their house. A first he was a bit disappointed as there weren’t any rare birds to be seen. Just ordinary sparrows and a few Jackdaws.

They were not the exciting discoveries he had imagined making. Though the sparrow he found sitting on a branch was rather pretty. He didn’t care for the Jackdaws much. Nothing extraordinary about those!

Suddenly he caught the glint of something shiny in the tree. He tried to focus on the shining object and with a little perseverance, he managed to zoom in. It was a birds’ nest, there were blue eggs in it and something which was glittering in the sunlight. He was very excited by his find.

He rushed downstairs to see if his dad had come back from work. And he had! Dad can you come up with me to the attic? He asked. His dad accompanied him up the stairs, a bit amused by the the enthusiasm of his son. Not expecting anything exceptional, he looked through the binoculars in the direction Ricky was pointing and was amazed! Right in the middle of the blue eggs lay a blue jewel.

Ricky and his dad went to get a closer look at the nest. With some difficulty his dad climbed the tree. It was a Blue Jay’s nest. The bird had picked up the blue gem very likely from someone’s home. Itย looked like an Aquamarine on closer examination,

Ricky was so excited to tell all his friends at school about HIS discovery.

Written for RDP:




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