The Haunted Wordsmith 3TC

A graveyard visit

The old man entered the graveyard with a shuffling gait. His clothes were clean but threadbare.

He headed straight for the old section of the graveyard where a few spartan headstones were left standing after the wear and tear of time.

He placed the single rose stem on a grave with a broken headstone. It was his wife’s. She died a few years after their marriage, a very long time ago. And he was an old man now. Look how he had forgotten their wedding anniversary.

He was angry with himself. He was coming to Elizabeth’s grave for over forty years now. Every year on their wedding anniversary, but this year it just completely slipped his mind. Their’s was a love story that had a sad end. She died in childbirth after they had been married just three years. Oh, how he missed her.

The passerby saw an old man crying on the grave, with a broken headstone.

Written for 3TC by The Haunted Wordsmith.







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