House of cards

Mitch was fond of using his time making and building. It could be Lego or building blocks, but what he loved the most was making house of cards. It took lots of patience and careful handling. A little bit of clumsiness would end in a disaster!

Today was a good day for his creation. His house was now on third level and he was hoping that it goes till the last level. Suddenly the door to his room was opened and his little brother Jack, popped his head in, wearing his engaging angelic smile. “Hey, Mitch can I play with you?” He asked in a pleading voice. Mitch wanted to say no, but he was a good hearted boy, so he allowed his brother to come and just observe. “Please don’t touch anything, I don’t want you putting the cards in a haphazard manner. I want to finish this today”.

He was putting final card on the top of his card house that a sudden gust of wind from the open window scattered the cards. The house came down and was laying in shambles.

Mitch was almost in tears but Jack was laughing in a delighted manner. His infectious laughter made Mitch smile too.”It’s okay I will make another one tomorrow “.

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14 thoughts on “House of cards

  1. Lovely! We spend a lot time trying make everything perfect, discarding the parts of our heart we think isnโ€™t relevant. Forgetting that we need to play with a full deck, even the jokers needs to be counted as part of the deck! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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