She knew it was her day. The day when her luck will turn. It was like a voice was whispering in her ear, guiding her steps to the slot machine.

At first she wasn’t interested in coming to the casino. I don’t want to gamble away what little money I have, was her answer to her friends who had insisted that she should come with them. Oh you will be so bored by yourself, alone in the hotel room, they said. So against her own wishes, she had come here. And now as if some invisible force was pulling her towards the slot machine. Well okay, just this one time, I will play, she thought and slid her coin into the slot. As she pulled the lever and waited breathlessly for the spinning symbol to stop. One by one the three matching strawberries stopped in the screen in front of her and she was shaken out of her dazed state by the loud bell announcing her as the winner. A big rush of money in form of change was spewing from the machine. She still couldn’t believe that she had won all that money !

Written for :One daily prompt ;



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