Tryst in the forest

It was starting to drizzle lightly. But she decided to go for her morning run anyway. The path through the forest was partly shaded by the trees so the chances of her getting soaked were little.

Lisa loved her morning run through the green forest, it was so refreshing. As she was putting on her hoodie, her mom called from the kitchen, ” what are you doing, Lisa”

“I am going for my run, mom, she replied. “But it’s starting to rain and there is a forecast of heavy downpour today”. “Oh! don’t worry, I will be done before it gets heavy”. And she stepped out the door into the open.

Halfway on her regular route, it started to pour down heavily. Water seeping into her hoodie and making her very wet. She started to shiver and was cursing her lunacy in not listening to her mom. She had an option to turn back or go forward and complete her run. The run was in a loop so it would take her almost the same time if she went ahead with her jog.

About five minutes later there was a deafening clap of thunder and  a loud crack as the tree on her left was struck by lightning. With a shriek she jumped to avoid the falling tree branch which was quite big, and smoldering from the electrical charge. The branch fell with a loud thud and one of the smaller branch caught her on the arm. It didn’t draw blood but the pain was awful. It seemed like that her forearm bone had been broken. She was in an agony. How was she to get back home or some help, she thought frantically. She didn’t carry her phone with her on her jog, lest she dropped it somewhere. It was a painful and exhausting half hour for her as she made her way back home. The tryst with this painful fate could have been avoided, had she paid any heed to the weather report or to her mom.

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