Visiting the garden of dreams

Lets go and visit the Japanese garden today, I hear that it’s very tranquil at this time of the day!

Mindy and her fiancé, Bertie were visiting Portland. They both worked in the same company and were here on business. As business had concluded, they were free for a day.

“Why the Japanese gardens? Don’t you want to do something exciting or even shopping? Everything is tax-free here!”Asked Bertie.

“You know how when I was a kid , my dad took us to Japan for a trip and since then, I am always fascinated with everything related to that culture.”

“And I really love the beautiful Koi”

“Swimming gracefully in the water there”, she added.

Bertie and Mindy visited the famous Japanese gardens in Portland and were amazed by the beautifully designed gardens. The layout was absolutely lovely. The garden was divided into five sections, all having their own beauty. They were most impressed by the wonderful Maple trees, all the beautiful shades of orange, green and rust!

Written for 3 Things Challenge

Japantranquil , koi




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