Do you have any superstitions?

Not of Friday the 13th, or black cats or broken mirror.

Have you ever thought to yourself that if I do this, then that thing will go wrong?

I have often linked one happening to the other without any tangible reason, just because it happened that way once or twice.

Like if you are walking out of your home without an umbrella, and it is sunny, the thought may cross your mind that since I don’t have my umbrella, it will rain. And it does…!

Or you change lanes in the traffic because your lane is not moving at all and the other lane is briskly moving. But the moment you move out of your lane, that one starts to move quickly and the one in which you are now just stops moving.

This is sometimes also called The law of the other lane. There are other laws which explain the phenomenon I was talking about. One of them is known as Murphy’s Law. It states that “If any thing can go wrong, it will “.

This photo explains it all, in detail.

Believe it or not many mathematicians and scientists have researched this interesting phenomenon. Maybe it’s the universe’s way of telling us to not to be so cocky!

There are certain other linked happenings that you might have noticed:

The fact that a buttered toast always falls the buttered side down.

If the spare tyre is flat, you’re going to need it on your journey.

If you rely on your GPS to get you somewhere, there will be no signal in your mobile device.

If you make a special effort to cook dinner for someone special, it’s probably going to turn out average, or even bad.

If you have a special event planned, a zit is going to appear on either your nose or forehead

Any eventuality which has been foreseen and planned for, will not occur and something which you never expected, will happen. Women will understand this better than men.

If you are out of milk or coffee, a friend will drop by!

If you want to get to someplace in a hurry there is a likelihood that you will be caught in traffic and be late, and if you really don’t want to be early to an event, you will get there 20 minutes in advance, with traffic and everything.

Have anything of this nature happened to you?

Please share your experiences.

Waiting for your comments and feedback.




18 thoughts on “Superstitions

  1. A joke:
    Danny always felt that he was unlucky and he was seeing a therapist about this. Danny ate buttered toast for breakfast and, as he was a clumsy fellow, would often drop his toast. The toast always fell buttered side down, because of course it did. Then, one day. Danny dropped his toast and it fell buttered side up! Danny was elated! Perhaps his luck was turning around!

    He took the toast to his therapist and exclaimed, “Look doctor! I dropped my toast this morning and it fell buttered side up! This is a good thing, right?”

    The doctor looked at Danny’s elated face, looked at the toast and then shook his head sadly. “Danny, Danny, Danny.” he said. “You buttered the wrong side.”

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