You hear an old favorite song and your mind drifts back to the day when you first heard it. I brings back a hoard of memories.

Passing down the street you catch a whiff of a tantalizing aroma and it takes you back in your childhood. Having French fries with ketchup and chatting with friends from school.

Open an old drawer to clean up and you get involved in examining the old photographs dumped haphazardly in there. One look at them and we start our journey down the memory lane, recalling when and where these pictures were taken.

So what is it about things from the past which have a power to literally take us back to that time. To relive those moments and sometimes wistfully thinking about time gone by?

Nostalgia hits all of us at one time or other. The most potent invoker of nostalgia is our sense of smell. Have you ever recalled a person by getting a whiff of some perfume they used to wear. Or maybe a childhood favorite food by smelling the food somewhere, years later!

Music and songs can be another trigger of the past recollections. Remember when we used to…… that’s how we start the time travel into the past while listening to a tune or melody from our bygone years.

Have you ever come across a piece of folded paper in an old book. It may be a forgotten letter or a note to someone from someone else. Or it can be a recipe or a receipt! All intriguing possibilities.

How we enjoy these forays into the past, on the wings of our memories or triggered by some mementos found in our attics.

Open an old box of stuff your mom dumped into the storage when you had grown out of them and a host of memories are there to welcome you back. An old stuffed teddy bear or a broken doll , a abandoned toy car or a box of playing cards! Some un-finished DIY or a boxful of LEGO pieces. All are a reminder of our un- encumbered days of childhood, free from the worries of adult life. We welcome the trip down the sweet memories lane and forget the stresses of the present.

The amazing thing about nostalgia is that all things look beautiful, golden and wonderful when seen through the mist of memories. The time and circumstances back then may not have been perfect but when see them in retrospect, the past look idyllic and rosy!( mostly)

Let me know what are you nostalgic about, if ever?




28 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. I think nostalgia is more related to our youth. We felt everything so much sharper, everything lay before us, we would conquer the world. My only nostalgia is related to the music of the sixties. I loved the folk scene, the protest songs. I smoked Embassy cigarettes and wore a large badge ” light up an Embassy”. I cringe at the thought.

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  2. Hindsight is 20/20, or so they say. Things definitely do look better when we are looking back on them and can finally understand the whys and whatnots – at least for the most part. Indulging in nostalgia can be sweet and sometimes serves to remind us of lessons learned. Great post!

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  3. I’m very much an In the Now kind of person, which means I try to live fully in the moment and have very little use for pining of the past or hopes of the future. Having said that, I do recall — from time to time — fond memories of days gone by. Because I’m also human and that’s what we do. 🙂

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  4. When you mentioned French fries, that sparked some great childhood memories. One of our neighbors used to have a French fry truck. He would sell fries at fairs and carnivals. They were delicious – salty and fresh, served with vinegar. Sometimes he would fire up his truck and make French fries for all the neighborhood kids, just because he was a nice guy. Wonderful nostalgia.

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  5. I’ve noticed how my husband is so nostalgic about 80s music and I am the same way about 90s music. We are about 10 years apart in age, so it makes sense I guess, but it is interesting how both of us tend to favor the music of our teen years.

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