What was I thinking πŸ€”!

Have you ever lost the thread and wondered aloud what was I thinking just now?

Is your mind like mine, jumping from one thought to another in a nanosecond, often unrelated to each other.

I would forget what I want to recall and it would pop-up in my thoughts after an interval, unbidden.

A song I heard a snatch of or a face I saw for a bit and now my brain is busy trying to work out what and who! And a day after tomorrow or yesterday past, it is all going to come back to me without an effort.

I have lost my keys or the password of my account, and no matter how hard I think, find it, I cannot. Even though when I had thought of the hiding place, I was thinking that it’s so easy, I won’t forget ever. Or that the password is extra secure but not difficult to remember at all.

Why does it seem so simple and gets so hard to control my thoughts and remember it all?

Have you ever lost the thread and wondered aloud, what was I thinking just now?

Let me know if that happens you as well!

Waiting for your comments and feedback.




38 thoughts on “What was I thinking πŸ€”!

  1. I’ve never had a good memory. At school I always got great marks because I was able to have the text book in front of me and so able to work out the answers. But was terrible at exams when it came down to memory work. I was never good at remembering lists of things. When working I had post-it notes all over my desk and stuck to the computer. When I came from a meeting I had to immediately write everything down before I forgot. If I watch a movie or read a book guaranteed I will forget the content six months from now. My wife is always saying ‘remember when’ and I never do. Nothing has ever been sharply defined for me, just hazy meanderings. That’s why I always live in the present. Great though provoking post Sadje.

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    1. Thank you , Len. Appreciate your feedback. Yes memory and thought continuity is important in studying but in our day to day life, we can manage to perform without it’s evident presence. It is there working in our subconscious mind.


  2. I forget passwords from time to time. Some sites make it where the password has to be capitalized and there has to be a number. I forget which sites require that sometimes or forget which number I used. Lol.

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  3. I will occasionally lose my train of thought, but more often I will walk into a room with a purpose, but then forget what that purpose was. Or my wife will ask me to get her something and on the way to do so, I’ll get briefly sidetracked and, a minute or two later, I’ll sit down next to my wife and she’ll ask me where the thing is that I asked her to get.

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