Lost in past

The old woman was grumbling and muttering under her breath.

She was angry and understandably so! It seemed to her that no one was listening to her and she was just talking to herself. Her soliloquy was interrupted by a boy sitting on his porch step,

“Are you talking to me , ma’am?”

Startled the lady looked at him with a puzzled expression on her face.

“What are you doing in my garden, young man?”

This made the boy giggle.

“Ma’am I ain’t in your garden, you are standing in front of my house. In fact it’s our driveway that you are on, right now!”

“What? I was in my kitchen garden talking to my son a moment ago. How could I be standing on the street?”

Answered the lady, now somewhat alarmed.

The boy was getting worried about how to deal with her. It seemed to him that she was lost.

“Do you know where you live?”

“Yes, young man, I do. I live in my house with my son and his family. I thought I was having a talk with him and was getting angry that he wasn’t replying to anything that I said! That is a strange thing to have happened,” said the now bewildered woman.

Just then a van bearing the logo of the old people’s home on the side door, stopped near them. Two men jump out and called out to her, “Thank God Mrs Costa, we found you. Today you have wandered a long way from the home!”

As they were helping her back into the van, the boy asked them about her. They told him that Mrs Costa was a resident in the old home and somehow had walked out of it without any one knowing about it. They had been looking for her for some time now.

“And what about her son and the family, she was talking about?”Asked the boy.

That is a sad story, said one of the guys. Her son died a long time ago in a drunk driving accident and her mind hasn’t accepted the reality. She imagines him with a family and is often in her mind talking to them!

They took her away. And the boy was left wondering about the tragedy of the lady and her son.

Written for the Word of the day challenge.




7 thoughts on “Lost in past

  1. Loved the story. My mother spent the last 18 months of her life hospitalized with lung trouble. She spent around 20 hours a day confined to her bed, mostly sleeping. I asked her what she dreamed about for that long and she always replied ” I’m just walking down the country lane with the sun shining and the wind blowing my hair”.

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