You don’t belong here!

This is a dialogue from the Kung Fu panda. I love the movie and this strikes a chord with me, that when we are trying too hard to fit in and are given the message that,”you don’t belong here!

How do we react to this verbal or implied message? Do we give up and withdraw to our corner. Licking our psychological wounds and stop trying to mound ourselves to the slot. Or do we take a stand and make way for our self. Do we fight the barriers and break them down by our persistence and determination. Do we make the doubters eat their words or we bow down to them.

Written for the FOWC






20 thoughts on “Belong

  1. Sadje, wonderful and well written. I love this β€œKung Fu Panda.” Great topic… To belong is a choice each of us measure by our own passions, hopes and dreams. We must stay determined, never allowing others to determine our worth and value of belonging. Walking in love and kindness.
    InHisCare πŸ™

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