Loving me!

Do you love yourself? If not then you should.

Self love is not an indulgence but a necessity. Our survival depends on it.

I am not talking about the selfish and egotistical love some people have for themselves that precludes everyone else. Or the narcissists who thinks the world is revolving around them. I am talking about being kind to oneself. Looking after ourselves and being forgiving.

We love our families and kids to bits. Our friends have a great call on our time and affection. Pets claim our love and attention too.

But do we give ourselves some of this love?

Do we give our needs and requirements enough thought? Is our physical and mental health of paramount importance to us? We maybe giving time and thought to our living and working needs but are we really bothering about our spiritual needs?

These are the questions that only each person can answer for themselves. We need to assess the level of care that we lavish on ourselves.

The physical needs will demand attention. We can’t ignore it. Hunger demands food and thirst needs to be quenched. Similarly we will sleep if tired.

It’s the psychological and spiritual part of our being that is often ignored or overlooked because we either don’t want to look there as not to face certain realities or we are too busy satisfying the needs of others ( read our loved ones and friends) to care for our own needs.

What are our spiritual needs:

1. Job well done certificate.

We shouldn’t always labor under the guilt of not doing our job as parents well. Be it the looking after of our parents or being there for siblings or friends, absolve yourself of the feeling of under performing or failing.

2. Taking Me time:

Alone or me time to reflect and think things through is absolutely vital. Away from people, we can quietly think about our own needs and how to address them. It’s a way to quieten inner doubts and anxieties.

3. Acceptance:

We are what we are. People change and should do so during the life’s journey but we cannot become something we are not. So accept who we are and not be discontent about it. This resolves the conflict going on inside our hearts and minds and make us calmer and more content person.

Love yourself and like yourself. If you don’t, then who will.

Let me know your feedback about this topic.

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Waiting for your comments!




18 thoughts on “Loving me!

    1. Realization is the first step,acceptance is the second. You will get there. I was inspired to write this as I met someone close to me who was criticizing herself very harshly. And it felt to me that she didn’t like herself much, let alone love.

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  1. Yes indeed, we need to primarily respect ourselves meaning take time for silence, for self care away from others. It is the only way we can truly help and be with others. My problem though as you pointed out at the start of your piece, is that most of the literature out there is narcissistic and self-love then becomes a “me first” culture that I find utterly selfish and annoying. Maybe that is why I shun from using the expressing “loving oneself.” Thank you for your post. Kenza.


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