Fandango’s FPQ#1

FPQ for today is:

“If you could be the opposite sex for one day, what would you do?”

This was too tempting to not answer! I hope I am making sense. If I were a man for a day what would I do? Now this is indeed a provocative question as I have to think hard to look for an answer to it. I always had a desire to walk in the shoes of a man. But when this hypothetical question is put to me, I am stumped!

I have my answer: I will lord it over my family, will demand they fill full my every whim and wait on me hand and foot ( sounds like a MCP, doesn’t it). But there is a caveat, my husband should be a woman for that day!

Written for FPQ




38 thoughts on “Fandango’s FPQ#1

  1. Now “Switching Places” for a day would be quite an experimental experience with the opposite gender, especially if your married. Having to walk in one another’s shoes. Maybe extend it for a week.😁…Great idea Sadje, coverage and response would be interesting 😊

    Yonnie 💜

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