A writer or a story teller!

Who are you? A writer, or a story-teller or maybe a weaver of tales?

You know that there is a difference! One can be all and the other, either of them

I am a writer. I am aspiring to be a poet, but of an ordinary kind. Being a writer is not all that difficult.

The definition of a writer is: ( according to dictionary)

A person who has written something or who writes in a particular way.

A person who writes books, stories, or articles as a job or occupation.

As I said I am a writer as I write blog posts. I can sometimes write a few lines of poetry. But the amazing thing is that this puts me in the company of all the great Writers, like Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Jane Austin, William Blake, Milton, Brönte sisters and the list goes on and on.

But do I deserve to be in such distinguished company? Well of course not!

They were great writer, but not only writers. They were storytellers. The most read books of our history were written by these greats. They wove tales of wonder, of heroism and of adventure.

All the people here in this blogging world are writers. Some are mere blog writers like me, some are writing full fledged novels and have published their books too. Some are wonderful poets, published and still to be published outside of blogging world.

But the wonderful thing about blogging is that we all write! At the time when writing and reading are becoming an unusual pastime. We express our feelings and hopes, our dreams and desires, our fears and phobias.

The expression of our thoughts in form of our words grants us a wonderful opportunity to share it with the world, to say it no matter if nobody is listening. The urge to have our say is a part of our instinct. We want to say what we think and hope that maybe it will make difference to someone. We want to inspire people, to evoke their deeper feelings and to make them laugh.

So no matter, who we are, writers, authors, story tellers or bloggers, our words matter. If to no one else, but surely to us, the creator of these words.

How will you describe your penmanship?

Please share your views.

Waiting for your comments and feedback.






28 thoughts on “A writer or a story teller!

  1. I don’t know how to describe my penmanship Sadje. I just write. I describe my writing as stick figure writing reaching for Van Gogh. Most of the time I don’t know what I am going to write, but something comes out. As soon as I finish a blog, I think, what am I possibly going to write for next week, I’ve exhausted all my ideas. But the following week comes and somehow I write something. I never feel triumphant or down in the dumps about any of my writing, I just try to write the best I can. I get a certain satisfaction with just being able to come up with an idea and trying to articulate it. It took me 70 years to start this process. Some people like crossword puzzles, others sudoku, others download apps and play games. I prefer to write/blog. In addition to my blogging I get a big kick out of reading other peoples blogs and I’ve learned so much from other blog sites. There are some very talented people on WordPress. See. I didn’t know I was going to write this when I got up this morning. I just started to write in response to your question. Thank you for stimulating my mind Sadje. It’s a pleasure following you on WordPress.

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    1. Thank you so much. That’s exactly what I meant to say when I wrote this post. The fact that we put our own ideas on the blog or paper and someone somewhere reads them gives a sense of satisfaction. I appreciate your kind words. 😊

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    2. I have issues rating my penmanship but I am thouroughly enjoying the ride! I am learning so much from other bloggers like you and Len up there, and I am also practicing and getting better as I go along, so this pleases me. I also find this to be an intriguing pass time. I like meeting new people and find it amazing that we all live in seperate parts of the world and we can share so many different ideas with each other based on our environments and backgrounds.This is an amazing post Sadje… I really enjoyed reading it! 🙂

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      1. Thank you so much. We all here have to be thankful for the support we get here in the blogging world. I love writing but even more if someone else enjoys it too. Thanks again for your kind words.

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  2. I remember getting letters from my father’s eldest sister and the joy of reading them. We corresponded through letters until her death many years ago. In doing so I got to know this aunt that lived thousands of miles away. Writing letters was my first foray into expressing myself through the written word. I don’t know if I would say I am a writer per say, but I do enjoy the process.

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  3. Wow……..that was touching…..as blogger/writer I think we are artists as whole a painter use brush and Colors to give life to his imagination on canvas a filmmaker does same on screen…….we the writers we also give life to our imagination, feelings, emotions on blank peace of paper or blank blog page with the help of pen or keyboard in the form of words. These words can become a poem or story, these words can spread love or hatred, we can showcase whatever we feel by combining letters and words…….

    Thanks for sharing…….such a thoughtful post.

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  4. I think, over time, if we allow ourselves to evolve and find our voices, we find our styles. And it’s like a signature, recognizable by the ones that are familiar with it. When I write poetry, I’m focusing on one moment or feeling — but for fiction, I can see it playing in my head like a movie from start to finish before I ever write the first words. So, in a way, I weave the story, and THEN I tell it. It’s my hope that my writing style is one in which the story will translate from my head to the reader’s as their eyes travel across the pages.

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  5. If by penmanship you mean handwriting, mine is close to illegible. I don’t really consider myself to be a writer as much as a blogger who, by definition, must write. And given that I post a lot of flash fiction tales on my blog, I like to think of myself as a story teller, albeit very short stories. Anyway, thanks for this post…and for your blog. I try not to miss any of your writing.

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  6. I write. I love writing. I write a lot of ‘content’ for other people and I enjoy that. I do a bit of letter typing for one of my clients (not so fond of that), although yesterday I was asked to compose a letter for him and that was satisfying. I still write to one of my friends too. But what I really love is making up stories, losing myself in my characters and their situations. That’s why I’d say I’m a story-teller.

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