A tree’s prayer

The tree was standing alone in an open space. It didn’t always used to be like this. There used to be her brothers and sisters around her. This was the site of a beautiful thickly wooded forest, but no more. Now she was all by herself. Bemoaning her loss.

She was left standing because the guys who had cut down the entire forest just couldn’t cut her down. It seemed to them that it would be like murder. It looked so much like a woman standing there and praying.

And she was. Praying that man would not destroy what feeds them the air and makes their home inhabitable. But a very few were left who would be bothering about the environment these days.

She was left standing alone and praying.

Written for the


Challenge. By Hélène.

30 thoughts on “A tree’s prayer

  1. A good message…………very nicely written……….. cutting trees destroying ecosystem for our benefit just to gain money it’s sad………….this planet and the living non living creatures are suffering for deeds………..

    Very good message…..

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  2. Sadje, you wrote a splendid message, you put into words the prayer the tree is whispering to us. How sad that we have neglected our forests and environment. Now the world needs to own up to responsibility and stop destroying our nature alive world.

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