Have you met them

Have you met them

They are the knowing ones

Who are in possession of all the wisdom

They are the experienced ones

Who know how to do things right

They are the learned ones

Who have read every book there ever was

They are the skillful ones

They know the intricacies of art

They are the one who are always right

Who haven’t ever made a mistake in life

They are the creative ones

Who can design and draw like no other

They are good with animals and kids

Who can teach you all about pets and children

They are great with numbers

Who can instruct you in finance

They are such good psychologists

Who can tell you about all you mental kinks

They even have full medical knowledge

Who can treat all your ills

Have you met them

Who are they

Are they you or me

Have you met me

Have you met you

Let me know what you think of my post.

Waiting for your feedback and comments





28 thoughts on “Have you met them

  1. I have met many wise and wonderful people of all ages and walks of life. And I continue to meet awesome, incredibly gifted people here – they are bloggers and give me hope and inspiration. This is one such example. Awesome post!

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