Is it all for the MONEY!

People say that Money makes the world go round!

So, being realistic, we must acknowledge that money is one of the essentials of life. In today’s world, survival without money is quite impossible, for any person. That is the reality. From the time that we get up from a warm bed in the morning till we go to sleep at night, all that we do, requires money.

How much we need and how much we want? That is a question, best answered by any given individual on their requirements and outlook on life.

I have heard people say that Money is at the root of all evils. But money can be used for good and IS being used to make wonderful changes to the lives of many people. So the desire to have money is not evil or even unreasonable.

If you are an idealist, you can achieve your ideal goals if you earn enough money. For the realist, no need to point out the obvious, money will enable you to live the life you want.

But if things were so simple and straightforward, there wouldn’t be any problems in our lives. The complications arise when the object of earning money becomes a goal in itself. Then, we are not thinking, that we will be doing this or that with the money we earn, but how to make money becomes our prime object in life. The means to achieving our mission in life, becomes the mission of our life.

It is at this point that our priorities change and we enter the rat race. “But the trouble with being in a rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat “( Lily Tomlin) ! Trying to compete with each other to be on the top becomes our objective in life.

That is why, we have to separate our Needs from our Wants . Unless we do that, we can’t avoid the unfulfilled life that is a result of needing little and wanting more!

Enjoy your job/work, try to earn enough to get by reasonably and have a healthy relationship with your colleagues. Money should not be the governing force behind our endeavors. Life is too short to run after money, and to make it our sole purpose!

What are your aims and objectives in life?

Share in your comments.

Waiting for your feedback.





20 thoughts on “Is it all for the MONEY!

  1. very good post and clear concise ideas. my take away is the separating needs from wants, we see too much commercials and want the things we don’t need. identifying what we really need is a very good start to lead a more fruitful life. i think we are all very blessed with plenty it is time to share.

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  2. In the perfect world I would make my living from what I do like. In real world I have to work to pay my bills and expenses. Over the years I discovered the best things in my live are for free. Work/life balance is one of them, so I am out from rat race now.

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