The advanced society around us calls for an education which can equip us to deal with all these modern day advancements.

People in my age bracket are learning or have learned the use of computers, smart phones, GPS, and other programmable household gadgets, like the coffee machine which can have your coffee ready when you are ready to have it! But I admit that some of these are a challenge for me. It might take me half a day, trying to figure out how something works. But that is advancement for you!

Whereas the kids today are equipped with a brain that picks up all these advanced technologies in a jiffy! Have you seen a toddler playing with his/ her mom’s /dad’s smart phone or tablet? Their chubby little fingers are dancing over the screen, a lot of apps are open and they are having a hell of a time.

photo credits: Google

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15 thoughts on “Advanced

  1. Ah yes. Back in the days of MS-DOS (do you know what that is?) and even in the early days of Windows, I was a computer whiz. These days, if something goes wrong or doesn’t work like I think it supposed to, I have to call and rely on tech support to figure out what the problem is.

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      1. Same here but they are too busy or would tell me to check it on the net! Even going so far as to tell me to β€œ step out of my comfort zone β€œ and learn new things on my own!🧐

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