Please stop me!

Help me someone, for I cannot 

Resist my urges anymore 

It’s like a magnet pulling me

To buy something for someone or me

I would love to but I really shouldn’t 

Well, just a quick peek maybe 

I will go in but for a while only

Won’t touch a single item

A fast foray into the mall

Then I will be done for sure

But it’s really not my fault anyway

Why put on so many sales

The thanksgiving sale

The……….Friday sale

The sale before Christmas

The sale after Christmas

How can a shopaholic like me

Resist all this temptation

‘Cause I love to buy gifts

And stuff for me too!

Shoes and perfumes, eye pallets and liners

Blushes and lip colors, dresses and gadgets

And how can I avoid…

The jewelry store displays

That are beckoning me towards them

All alluring, charming, enticing

Telling me to step inside and take a look

Just a teeny-weeny look and here I am

At the checking counter with a load

Of things I really don’t need

Of gifts probably unsuitable

Of item that are totally frivolous

But then I cannot resist…..

And lets not forget the new year’s sale

Can you resist the urge to visit the sales?

Share how you limit your expenditure during the holiday season.

[ Have left a blank before Friday as I don’t like to use the term Black Friday as it’s not deemed politically correct]

Waiting for your comments




43 thoughts on “Please stop me!

  1. Omg I relate to this. I actually put my credit cards in a safe deposit box this year so I wouldn’t max them all out. I’m limiting myself to cash for the holidays. Pretty bad when you have to hide the plastic from yourself.

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  2. I go through stages where I shop way too much and then not at all- to the extent that a list sits on the counter of necessities and I put it off for way too long. This time of year really is my weakness- so many deals!

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  3. Oh the entrapment of consumerism! Something that eludes me completely. Just re-arrange your closet and home items, get rid of old stuff, give away to the needy and you won’t want to buy anything. Or just think about a trip you want to take and don’t spend on that sweater you don’t need! Smiles!

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