The way marker was pointing toward the trail. We were so keen to go up the track that nobody noticed that the post was a bit wobbly.

After a hectic half an hour of going through overgrown grass and bramble, I turned towards my friend and asked, “Are you sure this is the way to the top? ” She replied in affirmative. ” That’s what the guide at the center told me, just follow the signs and you will get to the top of the hill”.

Fast forward another futile hour and we were completely lost. No more signs posts and no one to ask the way from. “I think we should try to head back to the information center and maybe try it some other time”, my friend suggested.

As we retraced our steps we came back to the way pointer. And lo and behold, now it was pointing in the opposite direction! The post was loose and was moving its direction with the wind!

But it wasn’t a wasted trip. Though we didn’t reach the top of the hill, both of us got “plenty” of exercise. Lesson learned, just don’t ask directions, take the guide with you!

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