It was the water they had been drinking all their lives. The team of doctors and people from the public health department and the local offices of environment protection agency had confirmed.

The majority of the population in the small town was suffering from poisoning from the traces of arsenic and lead found in the water supply.

Kids and older people were specially vulnerable.

There were many cases of cancer of bones, skin and kidneys. The kids, affected with arsenic and lead poisoning were showing signs of slow cognitive development and other forms of developmental abnormalities.

The town people had hired a good lawyer to fight their case against the city council. The tests had shown far elevated levels of the poisonous metals in the water supply and somebody had to pay.

But the wait was a long one. Too long.The case had dragged on for so long in the courts that only a few people were alive when the judgement was announced in the favor of the claimants!

written for FOWC, Trace





21 thoughts on “Trace

  1. I wish this tale was pure fiction, but there are places in the country — not just Flint, MI — where the drinking water is unsafe. It’s almost inconceivable that this happens in the United States in the 21st century.

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  2. Very well written. And in many places around the world, water is simply drying out. thank you for writing this and your kind support for my blog caramel caramelo, Kenza.

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  3. Interesting post, I hosted an environmental series at my school discussing all sorts of water issues. I contacted water lawyers, environmental sociologists, researchers to talk about their field of expertise. Great experience bringing the issues to the students! I watched an interesting documentary called “Water and Power: A California Heist” which discussed all sorts of legal issues surrounding the water crisis in California

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