Friday’s 3 Things Challenge

Rory at A guy called Bloke and K9 doodlepip

has Asked:

Name three things –

You can dunk in tea or coffee?

1. The obvious, my cookie

2. A slice of pizza, if you’re short on ketchup

3. Pop tart

You can enjoy at a carnival?

1. Rides

2. Rides

3. Rides

You can’t enjoy when it’s windy?

1. Blowing bubbles

2. Enjoying a cigarette ( though I don’t smoke)

3. Spitting

Your body can’t do?

1. Pushups

2. Sit-ups

3. Head stands

You don’t learn at school?

1. Ignoring pesky people

2. Online shopping

3. How not to get into credit card debt.

You can put onto a pizza?

1. Bubbles gum

2. Tobacco

3. Dental floss

You can eat with?

1. Fork

2. Teeth

3. Hands

You don’t suggest you do at home blindfolded?

1. Chop vegetables

2. Blogging

3. Back out of the garage

That are important to you?

1. My family

2. My phone

3. My blog

That you love to do at the beach?

1. Sit on my blanket

2. Watch the overweight people trying to swim

3. Thank God that I am not trying to swim.

That you do in the morning?

1. Morning coffee

2. More coffee

3. Morning walk

That you every time you log in to your blog?

1. Check for comments

2. Check for new likes and follows

3. Check new posts.

Head over to their site and do this Friday fun. And let us know what are your 3 things.


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