Creating Chaos

It was going to be his masterpiece. Working so hard on it for days now, he thought that his painting was now almost ready. Ready to be shown to the world, but first as was his norm, he asked his wife to give him, her “honest” opinion about it.

“Wow! Honey, this is really great. It surely is your best work”. He always took his wife’s praise with a pinch of salt as he knew how much she loved him and that undoubtedly influenced her judgement.

This called for a celebration to compensate for all the time he spent cooped up in his studio.He and wanted to treat his wife to dinner! They decided to order in. They both loved Thai food and the place near their home was quite good.

Since tomorrow promised to be a busy day, they went to bed early. It was quite late or maybe early morning when his wife nudged him awake. “Honey there is someone in the attic”, came her whispered voice.

Cautiously, with the flashlight in one hand and a handy baseball bat in the other , he went up to the attic, where his studio was. Avoiding making any sound he gently open the door to his studio. There was quite a din in the studio. As he flashed his flashlight around, he could see a scene of chaos! Destruction and disruption every where. The paints, brushes and oils spilled all over. And then his flashlight caught a pair of eyes.

A raccoon was in his studio, which dived for the open window as soon as it saw the light.

With his heart thudding uncomfortably, he approached his paintings which was standing near the window. He lifted the piece of cloth covering the painting. It was…….. okay! With a huge sigh of relief, he closed the open window and went back to bed. What a picture of disaster his studio looked. But thank God, his painting was not ruined.

(Raccoons are perfectly equipped for life in the city, where they can easily open doors and containers, effortlessly climb into attics or chimneys, dig their way into our properties, open garbage cans, tear packages, and eat from cans and jars)

Written for FOWC






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