Its was a very perilous situation. Denny had forgotten his wife’s birthday! No gift, no card and no plans to take her out to dinner that night. Well he could take her out tonight but her favorite restaurant needed an advanced reservation of at least a week!

What am I going to do? He was asking himself this question again and again. It was almost five o’clock and time to head home. Their home was in the suburbs and there were no Malls nearby where he could shop for the gift and a nice card!

He knew that his wife would be expecting a grand gesture as it was her 30th birthday, a landmark one. He also realized that going home empty-handed would be like stepping into Danger zone. As he was searching wildly in his mind for ideas that would help him in this fix, his phone rang. Distractedly, he answered. On the other end he could hear very excited voice of his friend, Josh.

Hey! guess what! Denny’s friend almost shouted at him.

What! Denny asked.

Not really interested in the conversation and more occupied with his own problems.

Well you won’t be able to guess even if you tried, came, Josh’s exited reply.

Well, I wouldn’t need to guess if you told me, without all this suspense.

The jubilant voice at the other end ,said a sentence that solved all of Denny’s problems!

Written for

Fandango FOWC, Danger

I haven’t written an ending to this, though I have one in mind. It is inspired by an episode of Modern Family.

Can you guess which one? Or how would you solve Denny’s problems?

Thanks for read.

Waiting for your feedback and comments.




11 thoughts on “Danger

  1. Danny’s friend tells him that his wife has organized a surprise birthday party for Danny’s wife who happens to be best friends. And they have a common gift (flying a helicopter) all he has to do is bring her to the location indicated and contribute to the gift by giving money. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Denny relaxed his body and tried to think. He speed dialed the local Chinese restaurant and ordered his wife’s favourite dishes for delivery. He then charged out the office door hoping to arrive home before his wife. She also left work at 5:00 though she had further to travel. Upon arriving home he searched the cupboard where his wife kept her adult colouring book and crayons. Grabbing the crayons he ran to the computer printer and extracted two sheets of 8.5 x 11 plain computer paper. He then elaborately designed a personalized birthday card and printed her favourite photo of herself from the computer which he taped as a centerpiece to the birthday card. Taking the other sheet of paper and using the coloured pencils he turned it into an elaborate gift card for an afternoon at the spa. He then adorned the dining room table with their finest lace tablecloth and candles as a centrepiece. Just then the doorbell rang. The Chinese food had arrived which he quickly transferred to elaborate glass dishes and placed strategically around the table. He heard the key turning in the lock and a shout of ” honey I’m home”. He rushed to the door and enveloped her with a hug and a kiss and a happy birthday greeting. Taking her hand he guided her into the dining room and was relieved when she cried out with happiness at the birthday feast set before her. He explained that he wanted to do something personal and original for her 30th birthday and she replied that it was the best birthday ever.

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