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I started the draft of this post in response to a daily prompt, Masks. Then , not finding time to write that day, I shelved the idea, but the topic was an interesting one so I kept the draft.

When you say mask, the image that comes to mind can be any thing from the masked figures from a suspense/ thriller movie, to a romantic masked character in a Cinderella like ball! It could also be the traditional costume masks worn in certain cultures, like that of Venice , Korea and some African countries.

But I would like to talk about Everyday Masks that we all wear. Not intentionally but subconsciously!

We are taught to conquer our feelings, to not show our fears and not to divulge out hurts. Be brave, be strong! This constant conditioning has an impact on most of us. We start hiding behind masks.

We mask our fear with a smile of bravado. We hide our tears behind a mask of indifference. The hurt is hidden behind a facade of nonchalance. The weakness is covered by a show of overconfidence.

Have you ever thought why! Why is it not right to show our feelings? Why should the emotions be hidden from the people around us? What is the reason for the pretense?

Maybe the pressure to conform to a certain standard is one of the factors. Girls can cry but boys can’t. Boys have to be brave and fearless. Girls have to be gentle and compassionate. There is nothing wrong in having these qualities in our personalities but projecting the stereotypical image, binds us socially to a fixed standard. We can’t be ourselves. We hide the emotions we are not Supposed to feel. And we wear Masks!

We also wear these masks to protect ourselves from getting hurt. If we wear our hearts on our sleeve then we are going to get hurt. People are going to make light of our misery so it should not be shown. Tears and sorrow, anger and frustration are all hidden. We need to present a side of our personality which doesn’t makes people around us, uncomfortable.

Isn’t it the time to tear away these Masks and to show the world our feelings. The feelings which will set us free from the shackles of the expectations of the society. Be ourselves. Express what we are feeling, but at the same time don’t put the burden of our emotions on others. The expression of hope and fear, love and dismay can be shared with the world around us. This will at least lighten the burden we feel by hiding our true emotions.

Let me know how you like my post.

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43 thoughts on “Masks 🎭

  1. The masks we wear have taken a lifetime to produce. Everything you’ve said is true, but if it was only that easy to take them off.

    Like in many sports, the mask we wear provide a measure of safety from the turmoil around us. We wear a mask so as to not be hurt in relationships; to hide our emotions; to hide mental health issues and so on. The list is never-ending.

    This topic more often than not revolves around us as adults. A good thing to remember is that mask building starts as a child. Although this is a bit of an over-generalization, if it took a lifetime to build the mask and wear it, it likely will think some time to work through the issues that gave way to putting it on in the first place and then to be able to take it off.

    Can the maks be removed? In my experience, yes, they sure can. But, it can be a long, difficult and many times painful process.

    A great post and plenty to think and talk about. Thanks for sharing!!

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    1. Thanks a lot. Absolutely right. I don’t have the answer to this but I wanted to highlight this via my post. Our attitudes and reactions are programmed by the expectations of which ever society we live in.

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  2. Wonderfully written Sadje! πŸ’• I too have worn many masks in my life and have shed some along the way, only to wear new ones. It is part of life and culture – good and bad. I still hear my mother telling me to “never let anyone see you cry” I did as I was told and for many years suppressed feelings that needed to come out and be dealt with. Instead I hid behind that mask. We all do the best we can. Unfortunately there is no handbook to life 😒

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  3. Masks! Yes, I wear them. Because when bad things happen I have to compartmentalize. I can’t function at work without my ‘everything is fine’ mask.. But your points are well taken. Unfortunately, the reality is that many times masks are necessary -and sometimes a defense, I think most of us have a lot of fear or perhaps it’s low self-esteem, whichever it is, it keeps us from being ‘real’ except with those we truly trust. Interesting post – lots of food for thought.

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