If people are laughing at you, join them!

As I may have mentioned before ( or maybe not) that I am an extremely clumsy person. You can say a klutz! So the incidents, like walking away with somebody’s shopping cart in the grocery store or walking away with the luggage of a stranger in the airport ( mistakenly ) happen way too often with me. These are events of a minor embarrassing scale ( yes, I have my own scale for these incidents).

person holding ice cream with cone
Photo by Jean Balzan on Pexels.com

And then there are the ( not so )memorable occasions when I am on the verge of walking out of the shop without paying for my scoop of ice cream or leaving my shopping behind in some secluded corner of the mall and then hunting all over for it! Or when I sat in the back seat of someone’s car, thinking that it was my daughter’s. These are the sort “accidents ” that have happened to me often!

This episode that I am going to tell you about was a grade A blooper, even for me. It happened when I went to watch a movie with my husband. During the movie , I had to take a restroom break. I made my way along the row of seats, trod on a few toes( Ooops! I did say I am a klutz) and went on my way.

When I came back , I was a little lost for a bit as the theater was quite dark. Eventually I found my seat. As I had missed a few minutes of the movie, I was concentrating on the screen. I moved my hand towards the popcorn bucket sitting in the holder between my seat and that of my husband. My hand was strangely ( and strongly) pushed aside. In surprise and with a bit of irritation I turned towards my husband to ask what was the problem with sharing the bucket. Just at that moment, a brighter scene started to play on the screen. The person sitting next to me was now quite visible! To my intense embarrassment, I found myself looking at the face of a complete stranger . I was in the wrong row, in someone’s else’s seat. The man was looking quite belligerently at me. He thought that I was taking liberties with him. Can you imagine how much of a fool I felt. On the top of it when I suddenly jumped up from the seat to go to my own, the movement knocked the popcorn bucket and it all fell to the ground. In utter confusion, saying my apologies I just walked out of the theater and waited outside for the movie to finish ( luckily it was more than halfway over by then).

My husband had witnessed the scene and had wisely decided to stay in the theater so as not to cause anymore commotion. When he came out he was finding it hard to hide his amusement. I asked him not to share this incident with the kids but it was too good a joke to keep to himself.

I was very embarrassed and was chiding myself for the bungling at that time. But now when I think back it does seems sort of funny too (in addition to being embarrassing).

When I was younger, these sort of incidents used to make me miserable for days at times, cursing myself for my clumsiness. Now that I am a mature sensible ( I think so! ) person, I can laugh at these moments and also at myself. I think to be able to take oneself lightly, lessen the stress of daily life. If people are laughing at you, join them.

Have you ever had an experience like this? Please share some of your bloopers, it will make me happy πŸ˜ƒ!

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54 thoughts on “If people are laughing at you, join them!

  1. I once or twice bought a few things from a store and left it in the store and walked away but they always call me back and give the things to me πŸ˜…. It is as if my sole purpose was to just buy the things and not take them home.
    And yesterday when mamma asked for her phone I said that I gave it to her and she kept it in her bag she checked it and it was not there but I found the phone when she started starting at me πŸ˜„. It was in my hands 😐.

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  2. Yes, did that shopping cart thing. Took a old person’s cart by accident; they were following me a few steps and finally said something. I looked in cart and sure enough, not my items. I apologized a few times (could see the fear in their eyes), got my cart and started laughing so hard my tears came forth. Now, I always look at the items before taking a cart if I walked away from mine.

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  3. I’ve got too many to list and like you, I would agonize over them when I was younger. My embarrassment might not be any less these days but at least I am able to let it go and laught a bit faster. πŸ™‚

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  4. Brilliant post! I like to think I have a good sense of humour, and throughout my childhood my family would encourage me to make fun of myself if I’m embarrassed etc. I think you’ve captured that idea here, and I really enjoyed reading πŸ™‚

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      1. Yes it is definitely an acquired talent. I need to learn this. I am good at brooding later on hahaha. I find it hard to laugh at my weaknesses because it’s physical weakness which I have to tackle everyday but I choose to count my blessings instead when I feel too depressed. This is also an amazing advice. Thank you I will try it out

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  5. Haha, this same instance happened to me in high school! I thought someone at the condiment table way someone else. I ran up and stole a chicken nugget from his tray! Mortified to realize I had mistaken the individual, I ran back to my seat in a quick hurry as to blend in with the other students, and not be noticedπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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