My secret addiction!

Games, puzzles and words games, I am addicted to them all. I have different passions at different times. Nowadays, it’s Jigsaw puzzles( the ones you play on you phone or tablet). Before I started to write my blog, this was a major time kill for me. I would be sitting at home, on the airport, in the bus or at a get together where I didn’t know anyone ( I know it is very rude!) , I would take out my phone and start working on my puzzle.

How my addiction with computer/ phone games started?

It was about 15-16 years ago, that while talking to my brother, who is a doctor, the topic of occupation ( mine) came under discussion. I haven’t had a proper job since I completed my studies. Being a home maker and full-time mom didn’t leave much time for a whole time job! So he told me that it was essential to keep my mind active to prevent early dementia ( my grand father suffered from it) . He suggested word games and other ” mind games” ( the literal ones) . I started playing Solitaire and FreeCell on my PC, ( we had a PC for the whole family in those days).

From there I progressed gradually to phone/ laptop/ tablet. I played games to while away my time, to amuse myself and to exercise my mind. To say that enjoyed this pastime would be an understatement. I loved it!

But my family was not happy about it. They termed my harmless hobby as an addiction. There were a lot of representations made to me about sitting with my phone or laptop, staring at the screen and being blind and deaf to everything going around me was not good for me!

So to respect the wishes of my family, I tried to cut down on my games addiction. I would give myself a timetable for playing my favorite games, an hour in the morning and/ or an hour in the afternoon, was the time I allowed myself. The resultant withdrawal was not difficult to manage. And then I came to the stage where my kids were all on their own, working and / or married! I suddenly had a lot of time on my hands. I was free to do whatever I wanted with my time. Also I discovered a new obsession, Jigsaw puzzles.

It was interesting and challenging. I gradually increased the level of difficulty I could handle ( the maximum is 400 pieces). I got pretty good at it too.

But one day, my very good friend Dr Tanya@ Salted Caramel told me that she had started writing a blog. She encouraged me to do the same. Her encouragement and support from my family, finally made me bold enough to take this step. Now most of my time is spent either reading the blogs of people I follow or writing my own posts.

My family is happy that I have found a constructive way to spend my time. I am happy to have found something positive to do and love the feedback and encouragement that I find here in my blogging world, so everyone’s happy.

But one thing I haven’t told anyone is that I still do my daily Jigsaw Puzzle! I also play my card games daily challenges while no one is watching!

Phot Credits:Google ans Pixabay

Let me know through your comments and feedback, how you like my post!





43 thoughts on “My secret addiction!

        1. That is more difficult as the pieces are in all directions. Upside down too. You must be really patient to do that. I am quite impatient and impulsive so the electronic version works for me. 😃

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  1. I’ve loved playing games since I was first introduced to Tetris. When Facebook came along with games you could play, I tried several of those, too. During my blogging hiatus, I played Farmtown continually (once again). When I started writing again I was able to drop it as finally I had something else to occupy my time/mind! Last year I spent several months playing jigsaws on my laptop – such a fun thing to do!

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    1. Yes, as I know to my cost, all of them are very addictive to play. But the advantage of playing a game , where you are thinking and using the “little grey cells “ can’t be ignored. So my take from all of it is to play games but with moderation.

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  2. Hey Sadje, great post.

    I used to be very addicted to online games, and of course travelling back in time, l used to play Tetris a lot, especially in the hand held model whilst sitting on the tube travelling to and from locations in London. I played solitare on my pc, and other games, and occasionally now l help Suze with some of brain teaser games in app.

    I am a gamer, and am prone to addiction. My love for many years was in fact World of Warcraft, and whilst l still play it, in the last five months or so, l haven’t been as dedicated as l was once. I started my blog in September 2017, and l have found that this is one of the best ‘gaming’ experiences there is, and of course we are not gaming, but writing and reading and being read by likeminded bloggers.

    I am writing so much these days as well as dealing with all sorts of ‘real life’ issues that l rarely get any free time to actually play anymore ha ha, it’s ironic in my eyes.

    Ps : I have tagged you for the Hocus Pocus questionnaire:

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  3. I used to be addicted to Bejeweled on Facebook, but you can only play that so much… I’ve played plenty of word games too, and there was one called Scrabble Blast that I loved but that one has been pulled from all of the sites for some reason. I loved that game. Now I play video games — Skyrim and Fallout 4 mostly. I also watch other people play video games on YouTube. Blogging takes up some time too. 🙂

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    1. I used to play scrabble too , but the ordinary version where you play with the computer. But then I realized that it wasn’t adding to my vocabulary. Instead I was learning weird two letter words just to score more points!


  4. I am a kind of person who gets addicted fast at first it was games then I was a bit too much addicted to T.V Series I got out of all of them because of my mother and my family just like yours. My new found addiction is WordPress 😂. And I tried to stay away from it for two days and it was a success so maybe I’m not too much addicted, at least that’s what I’m trying to prove 🤣.

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  5. First of all
    Thank you for the mention and for giving me credit for what is really your own talent.
    There always was a writer trapped inside you. Now you have just decided to let her out.
    These healthy wholesome addictions like word games or puzzles are very good for mental stimulation.
    Like your brother said , they help to prevent Alzheimer’s.

    I must mention here a word game that a family member used to play . It was called Text Twist and involved unscrambling words in a given time. It was rather fun but I didn’t have the time to play then.
    Word press is my addiction too these days. When not writing I am also checking out and commenting on other blogs.

    And now
    Thank you so much for the encouragement and support when I started my blog.

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  6. hum I Don’t know what happened. Anyways. Playing sounds like a sane habit to me (I mean as long as it doesn’t take all of our time). Whenever I start a new thing I spend a lot of time on it, then I realize that it’s taking over many other things and I begin to moderate myself until it fits in the rest of the things I like to do. I love playing scabbles, and board games in general, bejeweled hooked me for some times too but I quit 🙂

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