It was a tough match. His opponent was ahead of him by several moves. Jack liked to win at everything. And he was good at chess. Though as his dad often told him that he had to keep a cool head and plan ahead.

The match was no big deal, just a friendly game with his school buddy. But the competitive spirit in Jack was so strong that he didn’t want even to concede this one.

Furthermore, all the guys from class were clustered around them, waiting to see who wins! As a last desperate move, Jack moved his queen for a reckless attack on his opponent‘s knight. He thought if he could take the knight, the game may tilt in his favor.

But his ploy failed and the game ended in a few moves, with him being the loser. A feeling of humiliation overpowered Jack.He had lost in front of all his friends! But before he could react in any manner, the cheerful voice of his dad broke into his thoughts, “Well that was a good game” he said. “The strategy was sound but the execution was not that good. Better luck next time” and with these words, he whisked Jack away from the crowd. He didn’t want to witness an ugly scene.

He knew that his son didn’t handle loss or disappointments, well. That was why, when he noticed the game going on in the school yard, he had stopped by. He was very conscious of the fact that his son could creat an unpleasant scene at such an occasions. But maybe if he wasn’t that protective of his son and his son’s reputation, it might have helped Jack to learn to deal with anger and other negative emotions in a better way. How often do we intervene in unpleasant situations in our loved ones, (specially kids ) lives to save them from making fools of themselves. As a part of growing up process, kids, specially teens have to learn how to deal with their emotions, and have a control over them. The parents who try to shield their kids from life’s situations are not doing any favor to their children but in fact are exposing them to greater disappointments in life later on! So let them experience all the rainbow of emotions and let them learn to deal with them.

Written in response to FOWC, opponent.





42 thoughts on “Opponent

    1. Thanks, you over whelm me with praise. I started the story with the chess game in mind, but my thoughts led me the the end scenario which I have seen often enough. I feel if I am writing some, it should have a purpose. 😊

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      1. Yep.
        My father often told me hard times he had to face in life when he was a kid. So consicutevely I was also prepared for that. But he never let me faced that type of hardships.
        Anyway, loosing in a chess and getting embarrassed is a daily routine for me

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      2. Hope you win next time. As a kid my grandpa taught us( all siblings) to play chess. I liked the game but lack the long term strategy planning. My younger brother was very good at it and the would even beat my grand father at it.

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  1. Great subject to cover. We as parents are not like our parents . We tend to assist and protect a lot more and perhaps do a disservice in a way in some people’s eyes. I feel like I went to the school of hard knocks and yetI have provided a cushion for my son. However I think these are different times and the family unit operates differently to what we experienced, as it did within our parent’s families. We continue to evolve 💕🙂

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    1. You are so right. We were brought up differently, with no one cushioning our falls or covering our mistakes, while growing up ! And as you said, each generation is evolving and is markedly different from previous one ( hence , the generation gap).

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  2. Shielding our children from loss and disappointment is almost a knee-jerk reaction. We love them and their pain is our pain, but as you correctly point out we often do them a disservice by shielding them. It prevents their growth and development and in extreme cases may leave them stunted and unable to cope with life. Great post.

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  3. Hi there just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different internet browsers and both show the same results.


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