Movie review: Johnny English strikes again

The latest movie by Rowan Atkinson is a must see. As they say ” Laughter is the best medicine “. If you want a dose of happy, then this movie is for you.

There are no spoilers in this review.

Johnny English strikes again is third in the series of Johnny English movies. Since they are basically a comic take on the famous James Bond movies, ( Bond is member of the famous MI6, whereas Johnny English plays an agent of MI7 ) people who are fans of that genre of films will enjoy it .

It is directed by David Kerr and produced by Universal pictures. Emma Thompson’s portrayal of British Prime Minister may be a hit on the current British PM, but then maybe not.

The antics of Johnny English would remind some people( people found of old movies or who belong to my generation) of The pink Panther movie’s, detective Clouseau in some of the scenes.

As I am not a movie critic, I am not qualified to comment on the artistic/technical  side of the movie, I can only comment as a viewer.In my mind, Atkinson’s name is synonyms with comedy. He creates comedy from his expressions, actions and words. The plot is not complicated , some may even say, silly, but then that is how comedy is created!

I would give it a four and a half star rating, because of its entertaining nature. We went to see the movie because we had time on our hands. There were no great expectations and so we were pleasantly surprised.

If you are looking for a few laughs, a clean and not so complicated movie, then go for this one.

Let me know how you liked my post and the movie, if you see it.





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