Staying in your comfort zone

We humans are comfortable with what we are used to. This is our known territory, our Comfort Zone .

It is often that either physically or mentally we are taken or forced out of our comfort zone. Not staying in a frame of mind that we are familiar with can push us both mentally and physically to a state of stress. So is this forced or voluntary stepping out of our comfort zone, good for us?

Most people wouldn’t want to step out of the familiar. But experts tell us that sometimes doing things which stretches our limits and capabilities can be good for us.

There are two aspects of stepping out;

1. Mental:

Stretching your mental abilities, though is stressful at that time , can help you grow both intellectually and skill wise. The most common example is of school learning. Children, when they start school, hardly know anything much but through this stretching of their mental capacity, they start to learn and gradually their intellectual capacity is extended to include knowledge on different subject. Continuing on this principle, adults who no longer fall in the category of students, can and do learn new skills and acquire knowledge on subjects of which they were previously ignorant. Many times through need or hobby, people push themselves to acquire new skills, which previously they didn’t have. This is where stepping out of comfort zone benefited these people. Learning to operate computer, developing skills to use machines ( of various kinds) or taking up a new profession, (after learning about it from scratch) are all examples of leaving one’s comfort zone.

2. Physical;

Stepping out of physical comfort zone has to be considered very carefully. If one is young and healthy and, has nothing to limit their venture into their chosen physical activity, by all means go ahead. Learning and playing new games, sky diving and bungee jumping are all the sort ofΒ  adventures open to these people. It gives one a thrill and sense of adventure to take part in these newly acquired sporting activities. Start gym or yoga, cycling or aerobics, the only limitation are those of physical endurance.

Now, consider the second category of people who are not that fit, young or flexible etc, etc. These people should not push themselves too much out of their comfort zone! It is always good to be physically fit and active , but recognize your own limits. An unadvised and unsupervised entry into rigorous sports like activity can cause harm which sometimes cannot be fixed easily.

The conclusion;

The take away from all of this is that : Mentally, it is always good to boldly go where you haven’t gone before. Trust in your own capabilities and try new things. Learn new skills and languages. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and you will see that it’s a rewarding experience.

Physically, choose your challenges carefully, keeping in mind your limitations. It’s no use starting some new activity, just to give it up due to your health. But even in this scenario, slow and gradual build up of capacity can help you in taking up new hobbies, games and physical activities.

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25 thoughts on “Staying in your comfort zone

  1. I have been forced out of my comfort zones more than once and I have also chosen to step out at other times. I think it is a good thing. It stretches me on every level. Life is an adventure and one we can enjoy, once we let go of the need to be “comfortable”.

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    1. Absolutely right you are, Carol. We can either be comfortable and lead a unfulfilled and boring life or we can choose to step out of the comfort zone and have an adventurous life. 😊 Thanks for your feedback.

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    1. Yes, a challenge, once in a while can’t hurt. Mentally we are capable of much much more than we give credit to ourselves. Even physically in most cases we can do more, when we are pushed. Thanks for stopping by. 😊

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