A day in her life

It was morning, she knew that but…..How to get up and go out? Facing each new day was a challenge for her.

Her mom and step father were very worried about her. They were being supportive, she knew. She also knew that the doctor she was seeing weekly was treating her depression with meds and therapy was very competent , but why, then it all seemed so difficult?

It all seemed like an uphill task. Even putting one foot in front of other looked like a monumental task to Melanie. I must try to get out of this dark place, she thought to herself. But the problem was her own thoughts. They were always negative! Her self esteem was in the ditch. And all because of….What? She would try to think what was the reason that her depression was so severe, and always drew a blank.

Maybe some childhood thing had pushed her in this dismal place? She was just 17 and hadn’t had much of life experience , so it puzzled her, this darkness that was living in her mind.

Her mom knew, but didn’t share with her. She thought that she was partly responsible for her daughter’s state of mind. She knew that her daughter had witnessed the horrible fights and arguments between her parents as a child. Her husband was not only abusive towards her but was also quite harsh towards his only daughter. The scars left on the mind of a 2 years old girl had grown into fear of inter reacting with others as she was growing older.

But maybe today will be different, mom thought as she went up to her daughter’s room. They had arranged to go a special place today.

As she coaxed her daughter out of the apartment door, she was trying to put Melanie in a cheerful mood, but was not succeeding in her endeavors. As the car stopped in front of the old building, she opened the door for Melanie to step out. Where are we mom? She asked, a bit intrigued. You will see in a minute. On entering the door they were greeted enthusiastically by an old lady, Hey! I am glad you made it. She led both of them into the inner part of the building. There were lots of people there, sorting , packing, and wrapping presents for children. Christmas was round the corner and they were volunteers packing presents for the kids living in the orphanage and the one in the nearby children’s hospital. Melanie’s mom was grateful to see a big smile bloom on Melanie’s face as she realized that they were thereto take part in this project.

She had a happy time doing something for those kids. She forgot during that time her own misery and helped others find happiness. She overcame her challenge today, maybe tomorrow would be even better. She realized the truth of the adage that : When you are helping others, you are helping yourself.

Written for#FOWC. # Challenge.






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