Ladies, let’s talk about breast health, mammograms and need for self exams.

October is the breast cancer awareness month. Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in the world, affecting the women in both the developed and developing countries alike and it’s the single most common cancer in women. Last year there were 2 million reported cases of breast cancer. The aim of this post is not to scare you but to point out the necessity of giving your health and specially breast health some serious consideration.


It’s an extremely vital issue, specially for women after they turn 50. If they have a family history of cancer, or if their health is vulnerable due to risk factors they have been exposed to, then a very serious thought should be given to getting yourself tested for any lumps etc in breast tissue.


I am putting below a link that explains how to and how often the women should do the self exam at home.

It’s a simple procedure and can be performed in a few minutes.


Mammograms are non-invasive X-ray based test which takes all of 10 minutes. It is a bit on the expansive side but far cheaper than the cost of hospitalization etc if things get serious. There is a lot of misinformation regarding mammograms. some say that it is painful, others describe it as a messy or inconvenient . It is none of those. The only inconvenience I faced was the fact that I had to book an appointment a month before as they were very busy.


While we are talking about women health, getting a pap smear test after the age of menopause is a good idea too. I know that most women ( myself included) find doctor visits cumbersome and a waste of time. The long appointments and the expenses of these investigations are also a cause of concern .But health is after all of paramount importance, so we must swallow the bitter pill and get our checkups on time. Wishing good health and long happy life to you all!

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14 thoughts on “Ladies, let’s talk about breast health, mammograms and need for self exams.

    1. My pleasure. As they say if you know of a good thing then spread the knowledge. Though in the case of women it is often the news of some supper sale going on in one of our favorite brands or stores!!! 😜

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  1. My mom has One more treatment, then she’s in remission! Loved your post, and was wondering if you would mind lending me your support as a follower for my blog on women’s life, parenting and addiction health and mental wellness? I hope to have you as a follower and thanks for your post, it hits close to home flr so many of us!
    -AmyB. Madmom05

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