Too busy to talk to your family?

How many times in a week, it happens? We are planning to talk to a loved one and then get caught up in something and either forget or postpone it for tomorrow!

Time seems to be the enemy of family ties! There is work, studies or social commitments. It like a race that we are constantly running and the time usually wins.

It’s usually okay with our immediate family where through constant reminders and struggle with schedules we manage to make that ballet practice or the little league match. Anniversaries and birthdays are often remembered by the help of phone reminders. And I did say”usually ” as some people have trouble with those too, due to their hectic schedules.

But with long distance relationships we often flounder! Be it siblings, parents, grandparents, cousins….. and the list goes on. Childhood friends are often in this group of people that we “always mean to call but something came up”.

Another reason that hinders the inter-family communication are the small misunderstandings that have occurred over some long forgotten and trivial issues. Lay aside these differences and you will find that the other side has either forgotten about it or have grown above it.

The wake up call sometimes comes when for some inevitable reason it is too late to talk to our loved one! The regret that strikes at our hearts at such a time is usually very sharp. We are assailed by ” if only” scenarios. And then we do realize that calling someone doesn’t take such a big effort. As little as 5 spare minutes can connect us to a person with whom we haven’t spoken in a long ( ish) while.

So the time to make that call or write that email/ letter is now. Don’t remain Silent. Don’t put it off. Don’t procrastinate.

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Connect and reap the reward of making your loved ones and yourself happy. Remember if you stay Silent, you may regret it later.

Let me know how you like my post. Waiting for your comments and feedback.



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18 thoughts on “Too busy to talk to your family?

  1. In the fast paced life of the 21st century we are sometimes unable to connect with our loved ones even though we want to.
    This post reminds me of a dear departed family friend. I learned through someone that she was seriously ill. I wanted to visit her but each time I made a plan something would come up. One of the kids fell ill once. Another time we had unexpected guests whom I could not leave.
    Imagine my grief and notification when I learned that she had passed away.
    This happened almost ten years ago but the guilt is still fresh in my mind.

    So don’t put it off.
    Connect with people NOW.

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    1. Thanks for your comments. I agree that the things that we put off, thinking that they can be dealt with or attended to later on , sometimes never get done. Yes, so one should just do it now!

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  2. When I was a student, calling my parents in Mexico from Canada was $8/minute! Life is busier and faster nowadays, but I am grateful for text messaging and Skype, both cheap and fast ways to stay connected.

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